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We request that any doctor/clinic complete requisition in full and fax (403-487-0969) to our clinic. We then contact the patient directly to schedule the appointment to fit their schedule. If this is an urgent request we ask that this is clearly noted at the top of the requisition form and the patient is then fit in as soon as possible.


Office is located in Medicine Hat at 821B 5th Street SW. Phone 403-487-0970 or fax 403-487-0969

Echo Req

REDI Enterprises

​We provide support to assist people to live successfully within their homes offering a wide variety of supported living arrangements and community supports which meet individual needs: Vocational Programs and Brain Injury Relearning Services. The REDI Office is located in Medicine Hat call 403-526-5742 or fax 403-529-0462


Alberta Brain Injury Network and Brain Injury Relearing 403-528-2661

Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP)

​RAMP is a program available to eligible wheelchair users to modify their home to be more wheelchair accessible. Applicants can apply for a RAMP grant for up to $7,500 annually and up to a maximum of $15,000 within a 10-year benefit period


Forms to be completed


RAMP Application Form 2016


Call 1-877-427-5760 or fax 780-644-8085

Respiratory Homecare Solutions

​Oxygen Therapy, Spirometry, Sleep Apnea


Referral required.


Referral Form


Medicine Hat Location

536A Ruthford St SW

Ph 403-526-0208

Fx 403-527-0271


Brooks East

620 Cassils Road E

Ph 403-526-0208

Fx 403-527-0271


Brooks West

220 4 St W

Ph 1-877-526-0208

Fx 403-527-0271

Respiratory Therapy - Outpatient - Asthma & COPD Education

Asthma education for people of all ages in an outpatient clinic setting in Medicine Hat. Parents of younger children don't have to have their children go to the education sessions. May also include anyone who has symptoms like coughing, wheezing, or waking up in the night.

Offers Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) screening/education for undiagnosed, newly diagnosed or ongoing patient requiring education regarding disease process and/or device technique.

Call 403-529-8855 fax 403-529-8905

Referrals are received directly from both members of the public and physicians

Respite Services - Medicine Hat Area

​Provides short-term care for a chronically or terminally ill person in a continuing care facility to allow the caregiver to take a break.

Clients must be eligible for or receiving Home Care services or waiting for long-term care placement. Contact Home Care to arrange.

Bassano Health Centre - 403-793-6660
Big Country Hospital - 403-664-4300
Bow Island Health Centre - 403-545-3208 
St. Joseph's Home - 403-526-3818

Richmond Diagnostic Treatment Centre

City: Calgary
Phone: 403-955-8444
Fax: 403-209-2954

Grief Support Program - Provides support for people coping with the death of a loved one, including one-to-one and group counseling. Call 403-955-8011

Osteoporosis Services - This interdisciplinary team provides care and educates patients, the community and other health professionals regarding osteoporosis prevention, treatment, and appropriate resources. Bone health classes are held monthly and are free of charge and open to all interested persons.  Call 403-955-8134

Chronic pain services - Helps people find ways to manage chronic pain (e.g., musculoskeletal, neuropathic, pelvic, or headache pain).

Clients take part in their treatment by going to education sessions, setting goals, and exercising. Other options to manage pain include anesthetic procedures (e.g., nerve blocks) and neuromodulation (e.g., stimulators, pumps).

This service also works with the Living Well program to offer education sessions in the community. Call 403-943-9900

Weight Management Program - This program offers a wide range of services and treatment options to assist with weight management including. Call 403-955-8118


Calgary Adult Bariatric Specialty Clinic - This clinic provides medical, psychological, and surgical interventions for weight management and improving health. Support is provided to individuals with obesity who require complex medical management and/or surgical intervention. Call 403-955-8088


Diabetes Insulin Pump Clinics - Provides support for people with Type 1 diabetes who use an insulin pump. An insulin pump is a device a person wears instead of giving daily insulin injections. It is portable and can be programmed. It’s about the size of a pager and delivers fast-acting insulin through a small tube that is put under the skin. The site has to be changed every 2 to 3 days.  Call 403-955-8118 or the booking line 403-955-8146


Referral by fax for consultation. Lab work forwarded by referring physician.


Path to Care Directory Referral Form 2014

Riverview Care Centre - Medicine Hat

Phone: 403-527-5531

At Riverview, we help you to live life to the fullest extent possible.

Saamis Immigration Services Association

​Saamis Immigration Services include on-going programs and services assisting in resettlement and integration of newly arrived immigrants and refugees.


Language barriers in Medicine Hat. Clinics/physicians are welcome to arrange translation through Saamis Immigration. If possible calling Dasha at Saamis Immigration with the location, date and time of the appointment requiring a translator 2 or 3 days before the appointment is ideal. If an unexpected translator is required they may be able to arrange a volunteer via telephone. Saamis Immigration is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 4:30 and Dasha can be reached at 403-504-1188 ext 108.

Safe Place Support Group

City: Brooks
Phone: 403-378-4550

Safe Place is a suicide survivor peer support group. They provides free monthly peer support for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Safe Place Meetings are designed to provide suicide survivors with a supportive environment where they can talk about their thoughts and feelings and share experiences tied to their loss in the company of people who are coping with similar emotions and issues.

The meetings are held at South Shore Centre in Brooks and are only for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Support Group Meeting Last Wednesday of every month (except December) @ 7pm Thom’s Grief Resource Centre, Unit 1 – 500 Cassils Road East

Salvation Army

​The Salvation Army provides life-changing social services and programs every day. The Salvation Army will try to meet those needs as quickly as possible.

Meals served every week day at Core Association

Community Church (Ph) 403-527-2474 (Fx) 403-527-2878
Support Centre (Ph) 403-526-9699 (24 hr) (Fx) 403-504-8199
Remand Centre (Ph) 403-529-1111 (Fx) 403-529-3132
Thrift Store (Ph) 403-526-6822 (Fx) 403-527-4022
Medicine Hat Centre of Hope (men's shelter) (Ph) 403-526-9699 (Fx) 403-504-8199

Brooks Family Care Centre (Ph) 403-362-3117 (Fx) 403-501-5450

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta

​Working towards improving the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis. Family members and caregivers connect to learn and share experiences. The Schizophrenia Society of Alberta has a branch office in Medicine Hat for more information call 403-526-8515.  


Support Groups held at the Medicine Hat branch office located at 526B 3rd Street SE

Dec 1, 2017 - Drop In - 1pm

Dec 5, 2017 - Writers Club - 10:30am

Dec 6, 2017 - Drop In - 1pm

Dec 8, 2017 - Drop In - 1pm

Dec 11, 2017 - Monday Meditation - 1:30pm

Dec 12, 2017 - Women's Support Group - Safety in Public - 10:45am

Dec 13, 2017 - Men's Support Group - Safety in Public - 10:45am

Dec 14, 2017 - Christmas Party 5:30pm

Dec 15, 2017 - Drop In - 1pm

Dec 19, 2017 - Writers Club 10:30am

Dec 20, 2017 - Drop In - 1pm

The Schizophrenia Society of Alberta offers Online programing - see their website for July's schedule.

 The Schizophrenia Society of Alberta now offers e-Programming a free online support for people with schizophrenia and their families that can be accesses anywhere you have an internet connection and a phone, computer or tablet. Registration is available on the Schizophrenia Society of Alberta website prior to each session.

Seating Clinic - AHS Occupational Therapy

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-502-8851
Fax: 403-529-8968

​A team assesses physically disabled people with complex seating needs and provides them with a seating system that accommodates individual problems and improves the quality of their lives.


Referrals done by Occupational Therapy to Seating Clinic please fax to 403-529-8968 for Medicine Hat and area (Bassano, Oyen, Bow Island & Brooks).

Senior Advocate Services

​An advocate that can ask questions, record information and can speak to you so you can better understand and get the care you need. Door to door service, provide appointment reminders, client check in services as needed, full service disability van, parking paid by SAS, own handicap place card. Call Linda at 403-866-0801 or email lbjelland@live.ca for a free no obligation consultation.

Senior Services - Day Hospital

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-529-8949
Fax: 403-529-8858

Services include: therapeutic groups, balance and fall prevention exercise program, one-on-one counselling, case conferencing, ongoing health assessments & treatment. Clients come to the day hospital 2 days a week.


For clients age 65 and older, individuals under the age of 65 are assessed on an individual basis.

Clients can self-refer or be referred by Home Care, Community Outreach Team, physicians, family members, friends, or caregivers.

Client fee for attendance is $10.00 per day to cover the cost of lunch, snacks and beverages (coffee, tea, juice). Client is billed monthly based on actual attendance. Fees may be changed without notice. Please contact the service for more information.

Fee is reviewed and waived based on annual income as per the Alberta Seniors Benefit Program general eligibility amounts.

Senior Services Day Hospital Referral

Senior Services Day Hospital Brochure

Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program

​The Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program (SPTDP) allows eligible senior homeowners to defer all or part of their property taxes through a low-interest home equity loan with the Alberta government.


To qualify for the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, you must:

■Be 65 years or older
■Be an Alberta resident
■Own a residential property in Alberta
■Have a minimum of 25% equity in your home


Help with this resource is also available through Alberta Supports 1-877-644-9992

Application Form

Sexual Assault Response Committe - SARC

​SARC and Alberta Health Services - Mental Health and Addictions offer access to specialized sexual assault/abuse counselling services (one-on-one). Please contact us to learn more 403-548-2717

Sexual Assult Hotline

​Sexual Assult Hotline 403-793-4831

Sexual Reproductive Health & Clinic - AHS Public Health

​Counseling and Information Services, Health Promotion and Education Services, Clinical Services.

Some services are by appointment (physician and counselling) but all others are drop-in (e.g. pregnancy testing, STI testing, Emergency Contraception, etc.) Call for further information.


Services in Medicine Hat and Brooks and are available to all.

Medicine Hat Community Health Services (Ph) 403-502-8200
Brooks Health Centre (Ph) 403-501-3300

Sheldon Chumir Wound Centre

​Services are provided for the following: diabetes (diabetic) - acute wound management with follow-up, care planning with consultation for chronic complex diabetic wounds, gait and footwear for clients who experience a wound as a result of neuropathy and walking, gait assessment, biomechanical assessment, referral with assessment for custom made footwear according to AADL (Alberta Aids to Daily Living) guidelines, wound care and prevention, multi-disciplinary team - assess, manages and treats acute and complex chronic wounds, prevention of recurrence, assume care for client with acute and/or complex chronic wounds in partnership with physicians and surgeons or on a consultative basis & Adjunctive Therapies such as Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) and E-Stim

For clients receiving Home Care services.

All referrals go through Community Care Access: (ph) 403-943-1920 (Fx) 403-943-1602

Sheldon Church Wound Centre

Shoppers Home Health Care

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-527-8110
Fax: 403-527-8331

​Focused on providing Canadians with a complete selection of specialty home health care products and services to stay active and independent.

Smoker's Helpline - AADAC

Phone: 1-866-332-2322

Information about prevention & quitting.

Social Work - AHS

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-529-8003

Provides support and resources to promote  physical and mental well-being, while also addressing social needs. Helps clients who run into problems because of illness, disability, and/or hospitalization, which may interfere with their being able to get the most benefit from their medical treatment.


Clients are primarily registered as inpatients in an AHS facility or program, but walk-ins are accepted as staff are available.  Walk-in clients do not necessarily require previous AHS involvement.


Social Work can also be accessed until 11:00p.m. (weekdays) and 24 hours (weekends/stat holidays) at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital site only. Clients requiring this service after hours should present at the Medicine Hat Regional Hospital Emergency Department.

South Country Village - Medicine Hat

​South Country Village is a multifaceted Christian retirement community in Medicine Hat that desires to provide a housing environment that meets the physical and spiritual needs of its residents.


Call 403-526-2002 for more information.

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors

​The Special Needs Assistance (SNA) for Seniors program provides a lump-sum payment to eligible low-income seniors. This program provides assistance with some of the cost of appliances, minor home repairs and some health and personal supports.

A senior’s total annual income, residence and marital status, and the items requested are used to determine the amount funded. The maximum assistance available is $5,000 in a benefit year.

A senior’s total annual income, residence and marital status, and the expense requested are used to determine the amount funded. The maximum assistance available is $5,000 in a benefit year.


To be considered for the Special Needs Assistance for Seniors program, you must:

1.Have applied to the Alberta Seniors Benefit program, or submit a Seniors Financial Assistance application.
2.Be 65.
3.Be an Alberta resident.
4.Be a Canadian citizen or have been lawfully admitted to Canada for permanent residence.
5.May not have voluntarily deffered the receipt of Old Age Security.

Alberta Supports Contact Centre at 1-877-644-9992

SNA Application Form


Speech, Language, Swallowing and Hearing Services - Outpatient

​Speech and language assessments, therapy, consultation and hearing screening for all ages.

Anyone can refer (community member, family member or healthcare provider) for outpatient programs and swallowing concerns including bedside swallowing screenings at the hospital or mealtime observations in the office or home to assess feeding and swallowing.

Doctor or healthcare provider referral is required for inpatient services and for videofluoroscopy assessment or fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation for swallowing.

Call for an appointment:


Medicine Hat Regional Hospital (Ph) 403-528-8175 (Fx) 403-528-8190
Bow Island Provincial Building (Ph) 403-545-5125 (Fx) 403-545-6357
Books Community Health Centre (Ph) 403-501-3308 (Fx) 403-3323
Oyen Community Health Service (Ph) 403-664-3651 (Fx) 403-664-2934

Spinal Cord Injury Alberta

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-504-4001

Connect to others to help you overcome obstacles. Start rebuilding together. When spinal cord injury happens, life changes!  Suddenly, little things like eating, dressing and even breathing can become a challenge.  Dreams for the future are replaced with overwhelming uncertainty.

St. John Ambulance

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-528-3292


St. Josephs Seniors Residence - Medicine Hat

Phone: 403-526-3818

St. Joseph’s Home was opened by the Carmelite Sisters of the Divine Heart of Jesus in 1951, and has been providing a safe, secure assisted living program in the Medicine Hat community ever since. St. Joseph’s Home became part of the Covenant Health family in April 2011.

Stroke Support Team

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-502-8648 ext 1297
Fax: 403-529-8021

An Early Supported Discharge (ESD) Program provides in-home therapy to stroke survivors who have been referred from hospital upon discharge. This program is intended for clients with mild to moderate deficits due to a recent stroke.

Community Rehabilitation (CR) provides in-home therapy to stroke survivors who are at risk for needing increased care due to a previous stroke (1 year+).

In both programs, clients actively participate in setting goals for their therapy, which may continue up to 8 weeks. Stroke specialists also provide support with overcoming barriers, reintegration within the community and transfer of care to outpatient rehabilitation and/or community services for continued support. 


Referral information: Early Supported Discharge (ESD): hospital staff send a referral during patient’s hospitalization

Community Rehabilitation (CR): physician or other health provider in the community.

Phone for a copy of the referral form.


Stroke Unit Referral

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Phone: 1-800-784-2433

Suicide. Even the word is scary. But we're not afraid to talk about it. We have a special number to call if you, or someone you care about is feeling hopeless or having thoughts of suicide. Because talking about it is how it starts to get better. We provide confidential, non-judgmental  support to anyone feeling suicidal, thinking about suicide, is worried about someone else or who has lost someone to suicide.

Sunrise Gardens - Brooks

Phone: 403-794-2105

​At AgeCare Orchard Manor, we believe in offering you the broadest range possible of retirement lifestyle options for worry-free living in a friendly and caring community environment. AgeCare Orchard Manor is known for our commitment to superior service, friendly staff and welcoming atmosphere.

The Adult Day - local seniors can join our community for wellness, programming and support with others. Admission is through AHS Home Care $10/day call 403-794-2111 for more information.

Sunset Counselling Services - Medicine Hat

Misspelled WordLynett Misspelled WordGezt hosts grief support groups at the Misspelled WordSaamis Creekside Centre


Drop In Suicide Support Group - the first Thursday of every month from 7-8:30pm 

Drop in Grief Share meets Wednesday Mornings from 10:30 - Noon 

Call 403-528-2599 or 403-580-0398 for more information and registration details. If there are individuals who are unable to afford the fee please speak with Misspelled WordLynett.

Sweet Feet

​Mobile foot service in Medicine Hat:


Diabetic, Advanced Foot Care, Reflexology, Fungal Nails, Ingrown Toenails, Calluses, Corns, Bunions

Call 403-458-3668 for more information.

Tetra Society

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-488-1322

Providing custom assistive devices to people with disabilities

The Caregivers Lighthouse

Lorna Scott offers and expertise as a coach and counsellor for families during a time of caregiving. She offers workshops and resources and individual coaching/strategies for caregivers in the Medicine Hat area.


Workshop fee is $47 call 403-548-8437 to register.

The Dream Centre Chruch - Medicine Hat

Phone: 403-527-9917

​Food Run - delivers groceries to people in need

Emergency Grocery Bag - a bag of groceries for those in immediate need

The Lung Association of Alberta and North West Territories

Phone: 1-888-566-5864

Find information and resources about a variety of lung diseases.

The Ridge Spine & Sport Centre

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-527-7447
Fax: 403-527-5522

​Inside our clinic, patients benefit from Active Release Technique®, Graston Technique®, chiropractic manipulation (adjusting),  therapeutic rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement through the Titielist Performance Institute®. Beyond our practice, patients thrive from receiving the highest standards of health care.

Therapeutic Recreation & Aquatic Program - Brooks

Phone: 403-641-6123

Helps people with physical, social, emotional, and mental challenges that affect their leisure activity by assessing their needs and strengths, developing, following and evaluating a therapy plan.  Teaches how to use resources and take part in recreation and leisure activities.


Aquatic Program Call Linda 403-501-3234 - Community Client Referral or Self Referral is accepted. See Attachment for more information

Brooks Community Aquatic Therapy Information.pdf   
Brooks Community Aquatic Therapy Referral.pdf
South Zone Allied Health.pdf 

Total Cardiology

City: Calgary
Phone: 403-571-8640
Fax: 403-571-6990

Our a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of over 125 staff members ranging from allied health care workers to educators, clinical researchers, executive assistants and administrators, our cardiologists deliver rapid and comprehensive cardiology consultation, leading edge cardio-diagnostic tests, research and prevention services.


Physicians can refer online via their website or fax referral form to 403-571-6990.

TC - Cardio-Diagnostic Requisition.pdf 
TC - RACC Referral form.pdf   
TC - Rapid Consultation Referral.pdf  

TrueNTH Lifestyle Management

A website and online portal (lifestyle.truenth.ca) has been developed which gives men access to personalized programs, trackers, tools, and health libraries of prostate cancer specific wellness resources.

Website includes online support groups.