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Access to Food in Alberta

Access to Food in Alberta lists information about where to find emergency food, lower cost foods, cooking programs and other community food programs. Examples include food banks, Meals on Wheels, community gardens, group cooking and Canadian Prenatal Nutrition Programs. The information describes programs and provides contact information.

To find programs in your community, look for your community's name and click on it

Access to Food in Alberta PDF

Alberta Supports

Information on social based programs and services offered by the government of Alberta.

Click. Call. Come In.

Phone:  1-877-644-9992

Main Floor Provincial Building
Room 5
Medicine Hat, AB

Brooks & District Women's Safe Shelter Society (Cantara Safe House)

​Cantara Safe House: Offers services for individuals or families in abusive relationships; for others who are concerned about someone, and for anyone wanting a better understanding of abusive relationships.


24 Hour Crisis Line 403-793-2232

Admin 403-362-2766

Fax 403-793-8288

Champion's Centre - Medicine Hat & Brooks

​The Champion’s Centre provides affordable housing and basic supports to men who struggle to live independently.  As such, the Centre directly addresses basic shelter and food needs of men who have been homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

24 hrs Phone Number 403-581-8221


Location in Brooks call 403-362-4440

Location in Medicine Hat 403-504-0342

Community Food Connection & Good Food Box

​Main focus is on three initiatives in the cities of Medicine Hat and Redcliff: the Good Food Club, Community Kitchens and Community Gardens.

The Good Food Club is a group buying club that provides fresh fruits and vegetables, local when possible, at wholesale prices through the power of bulk buying.

Community Kitchens consist of a group of people who get together on a regular basis to cook healthy, low cost meals.

Community gardens these spaces allow community members the opportunity to plan, grow and share their produce with their family and friends.

Medicine Hat 403-502-6096

Compassionate Ministry

​Hope Street Comapssionate Ministry is a safe, family friendly place you can visit on a Sunday afternoon and have a hot meal, experience fellowship and participate in a CMC Church Service.

Located in Medicine Hat call 403-458-4673

Food Bank

​Grocery Basket Program, Grocery Basket Room

Medicine Hat - 403-528-4566
Oyen - 403-664-3965
Brooks - 403-793-2535
Bow Island - 403-545-2023
Bassano - Call Brooks

Food Coalition of Brooks

​Brooks will enjoy "food security" when all of our people, at all times, have access to nutritious, safe, personally acceptable and culturally appropiate foods obtained in a manner that maintains human dignity.

Fresh Food Club, Cook Up Time! Kitchen Club, Cooking Classes

Community Dinners, Living Loving Local

Call 403-363-1048 or email

Fresh Food Club 2016 Membership Info Letter

Healthy Eating Resources (AHS)

​These resources provide individuals, parents, families, child cares, schools and workplaces more guidance on healthy eating.

Holy Family Parish - St. Vincent de Paul

City: Medicine Hat
Phone: 403-527-6933

Assistance and programs.

McMann Youth & Family Service (Youth Shelter)

​The Inn Between Youth Shelter provides Crisis Placement Services, care and support for homeless youth ages 12 - 17 are assisted with Individual Action Plans that include school, employment, life skills, housing and referrals to community agencies

Call 403-529-6367

Meals on Wheels

​Program is for those who are unable to make their own meals. It is offered seven days a week or in any combination of days throughout the week as long as the weekly schedule is consistent. Meals are delivered between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. by trained volunteers.

Medicine Hat 403-525-8885
Oyen 403-664-3651
Bassano 403-641-3788
Brooks & District 403-362-4549
Bow Island 403-545-2074

Medicine Hat Community Housing Society

​Affordable housing for families and individuals who have a low income. Qualifying incomes are defined by the Province of Alberta and outlined below according to the types of housing currently available.


Rent Supplements: If you are in need of ongoing financial assistance to pay your rent, you may qualify for one of two types of the MHCHS’s Private Market Rent Supplement program:

Phone 403-527-4507


Client to complete application and be accepted.


MHCHS Standard Application 2015


MHCHS Seniors Application 2015

Medicine Hat Community Kitchens

​Learn how to stretch your food budget and prepare delicious and healthy meals. Meet new people in this welcoming environment.


Sign up for a regular Community Kitchen or take in a specialty kitchen for BIRS, Bridges Families, Pregnancy & Family Support Clients, Newcomers, Medicine Hat Collage Residence, Francophone, Family and Teen Kitchens.


Some costs apply. See attachment for dates, times, locations and registration information.  

Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society (Phoenix Safe House)

​If you or someone you know is impacted by family violence and in need of support, please contact the Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society crisis line at (403) 529-1091 or call our toll free number at 1-800-661-7949 (24 hours)

Phone 403-527-8223 (Admin) 

Fax 403-526-0209


Support Groups


For Teens – Building Teen Wellness – this is a community group run a few times a year (basically, whenever they have a group of interested teens) – it’s 6 weeks, and they talk about healthy relationships, self-esteem and other things like that. If interested teens or parents can call the shelter and ask for Vikki.

For Children – Children's Support Group – runs from September to June, kids can attend whether or not they have been attached to shelter, but the subjects are based on that education around family violence, safety planning, and other kid oriented activities. This is an open group, so they will take kids at any time in the year as long as there is space in the group. If interested they can call Bev or Katrina at the shelter.

Courage to Change – offered once in fall and once in spring, this is an 11 week educational program that helps women recognize healthy boundaries, signs and types of abuse and how to break the cycle of abuse. Women can call the shelter to register (there is also a men’s group of the same name offered through Medicine Hat Family Services, it’s a partnership)

Journey to Hope and Healing – offered once in fall and once in spring, this is a 14 week group for women who are working on healing themselves after abuse. Topics such as guilt, shame and blame, forgiveness and the process of change are discussed, as well as grief, self-esteem and healthy relationships. Women are also offered one to one support during this process

For moms and kids – Growing Together – this group is offered to mom and child – mom goes to an adult group and child goes to a children's group (learn the same material as appropriate to their age) and then the last 15 minutes of group mom and child come together for an attachment exercise. Mom’s can call Katrina at the shelter for more info.

One to One – if a man or woman who is experiencing or has experienced abuse needs one on one support but group is not available, they can choose to see an Outreach worker. A referral can be called in to Nattie at the shelter and Nattie would assign it to an Outreach worker. We highly suggest one to ones before group just because sometimes women aren’t quite ready to share in a group setting and thrive more in a one on one.

Salvation Army

​The Salvation Army provides life-changing social services and programs every day. The Salvation Army will try to meet those needs as quickly as possible.

Meals served every week day at Core Association

Community Church (Ph) 403-527-2474 (Fx) 403-527-2878
Support Centre (Ph) 403-526-9699 (24 hr) (Fx) 403-504-8199
Remand Centre (Ph) 403-529-1111 (Fx) 403-529-3132
Thrift Store (Ph) 403-526-6822 (Fx) 403-527-4022
Medicine Hat Centre of Hope (men's shelter) (Ph) 403-526-9699 (Fx) 403-504-8199

Brooks Family Care Centre (Ph) 403-362-3117 (Fx) 403-501-5450

The Dream Centre Chruch - Medicine Hat

Phone: 403-527-9917

​Food Run - delivers groceries to people in need

Emergency Grocery Bag - a bag of groceries for those in immediate need