Crisis 24 Hours


AADAC (Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission)

​Outpatient drug rehab program. Counseling for individuals, groups or families. Located in the Provincial Building Room #1, 346 - 3rd Street SE, Medicine Hat. Call 403-529-3582 to reach the Medicine Hat office.


Addictions Help Line 1-866-332-2322 (toll free within Alberta, available 24/7)

Adult Inpatient Psychiatry - Medicine Hat Regional Hospital

Provides a safe environment and care to adults with a range of mental illnesses and with concurrent substance abuse challenges whose mental illnesses need immediate stabilization. Following stabilization, patients are prepared for discharge and transition to the community with referrals for follow-up with appropriate community addiction and mental health medical and social services as required.

This service is an adult inpatient psychiatric unit, a designated facility, with 31 beds

Referral required by physician or psychiatrist
Immediate access for involuntary patients, 0-14      
days for non-acute cases.
Phone 403-529-8825
Fax 403-528-5608

Alberta Mental Health Help Line

​Crisis Line 1-877-303-2642

Provides 24/7  confidential, anonymous service,  crisis intervention,  information about mental he alth programs and services, and/or  referrals to other agencies if needed

Brooks & District Women's Safe Shelter Society (Cantara Safe House)

​Cantara Safe House: Offers services for individuals or families in abusive relationships; for others who are concerned about someone, and for anyone wanting a better understanding of abusive relationships.


24 Hour Crisis Line 403-793-2232

Admin 403-362-2766

Fax 403-793-8288

Bullying Help Line

​We are a free, confidential support service who speak to thousands of young people every day - you are not alone. Talk to us - we can help you with whatever you're going through.


Canadian Red Cross Society

​Red Cross Medical Equipment Loan Service

Canadian Red Cross Equipment Loan 2015

24 Hour Helpline 1-888-800-6493

Medicine Hat phone 403-526-3048 fax 403-529-0540

Child Abuse Hotline

​If you suspect a child is being abused, call 310‑0000 to get the telephone number of your local office or call the Child Abuse Hotline at 1‑800‑387‑5437 (KIDS) to speak with a caseworker.

Child Protection Crisis Line


Distress Centre

​Distress Centre is a non-profit social agency that delivers 24-hour support, free crisis counselling and resource referral services to Calgary and the surrounding area. Our agency is built around the belief that anyone can experience crisis. It’s not up to us to define what the crisis is—it’s different for everyone. We don’t judge. We’re here to listen and connect you with the help you need.

HELP LINE 1-403-266-4357
Or 1-800-784-2433 - 24 Hour


​Emergency Services


Medicine Hat Police Services 403-529-8400

Brooks Detachment 403-794-4400

Oyen Detachment 403-664-3505

Bassano Detachment 403-641-3684 


​24 Hour Access to a nurse


On June 1, 2015 HealthLink's new phone number changed to  811

Kids Help Line

​Help line 1-800-668-6868

Medicine Hat Recovery Centre

​Offers a Detoxification Stabilization and Intensive Addition Treatment Service.


Admission into the Recovery Centre in-patient programs begin with a confidential telephone call available 24 hours a day. All program admissions are voluntary based on the informed consent of the individual. Fees do apply to the Intensive Addition Treatment Program.

Phone 403-529-9021

Fax 403-529-9065

Addiction Services - Youth Counselling (AHS) 403-529-3582

Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society (Phoenix Safe House)

​If you or someone you know is impacted by family violence and in need of support, please contact the Medicine Hat Women's Shelter Society crisis line at (403) 529-1091 or call our toll free number at 1-800-661-7949 (24 hours)

Phone 403-527-8223 (Admin) 

Fax 403-526-0209


Support Groups


For Teens – Building Teen Wellness – this is a community group run a few times a year (basically, whenever they have a group of interested teens) – it’s 6 weeks, and they talk about healthy relationships, self-esteem and other things like that. If interested teens or parents can call the shelter and ask for Vikki.

For Children – Children's Support Group – runs from September to June, kids can attend whether or not they have been attached to shelter, but the subjects are based on that education around family violence, safety planning, and other kid oriented activities. This is an open group, so they will take kids at any time in the year as long as there is space in the group. If interested they can call Bev or Katrina at the shelter.

Courage to Change – offered once in fall and once in spring, this is an 11 week educational program that helps women recognize healthy boundaries, signs and types of abuse and how to break the cycle of abuse. Women can call the shelter to register (there is also a men’s group of the same name offered through Medicine Hat Family Services, it’s a partnership)

Journey to Hope and Healing – offered once in fall and once in spring, this is a 14 week group for women who are working on healing themselves after abuse. Topics such as guilt, shame and blame, forgiveness and the process of change are discussed, as well as grief, self-esteem and healthy relationships. Women are also offered one to one support during this process

For moms and kids – Growing Together – this group is offered to mom and child – mom goes to an adult group and child goes to a children's group (learn the same material as appropriate to their age) and then the last 15 minutes of group mom and child come together for an attachment exercise. Mom’s can call Katrina at the shelter for more info.

One to One – if a man or woman who is experiencing or has experienced abuse needs one on one support but group is not available, they can choose to see an Outreach worker. A referral can be called in to Nattie at the shelter and Nattie would assign it to an Outreach worker. We highly suggest one to ones before group just because sometimes women aren’t quite ready to share in a group setting and thrive more in a one on one.

Mental Health Help Line

​24 Hour assistance 1-877-303-2642

Poison Control

​An Information Specialist with extensive experience in toxicology, a nurse or pharmacist, takes your call.



Salvation Army

​The Salvation Army provides life-changing social services and programs every day. The Salvation Army will try to meet those needs as quickly as possible.

Meals served every week day at Core Association

Community Church (Ph) 403-527-2474 (Fx) 403-527-2878
Support Centre (Ph) 403-526-9699 (24 hr) (Fx) 403-504-8199
Remand Centre (Ph) 403-529-1111 (Fx) 403-529-3132
Thrift Store (Ph) 403-526-6822 (Fx) 403-527-4022
Medicine Hat Centre of Hope (men's shelter) (Ph) 403-526-9699 (Fx) 403-504-8199

Brooks Family Care Centre (Ph) 403-362-3117 (Fx) 403-501-5450

Sexual Assault Response Committe - SARC

​SARC and Alberta Health Services - Mental Health and Addictions offer access to specialized sexual assault/abuse counselling services (one-on-one). Please contact us to learn more 403-548-2717

Sexual Assult Hotline

​Sexual Assult Hotline 403-793-4831

Smoker's Helpline - AADAC

Phone: 1-866-332-2322

Information about prevention & quitting.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Phone: 1-800-784-2433

Suicide. Even the word is scary. But we're not afraid to talk about it. We have a special number to call if you, or someone you care about is feeling hopeless or having thoughts of suicide. Because talking about it is how it starts to get better. We provide confidential, non-judgmental  support to anyone feeling suicidal, thinking about suicide, is worried about someone else or who has lost someone to suicide.

Victim Services

​24 hour practical and emotional support to victims of crime, accident, or other incidents. 

Medicine Hat 403-529-8480
Redcliff (RCMP) 403-548-7848
Brooks & Bassano 403-362-5548
Bow Island 403-545-2784
Oyen (Big Country RCMP) 403-664-3505