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Healthy Eating During Christmas Season

With Christmas right around the corner, lots of preparations are being made. Although there will certainly be some changes in the way we celebrate this year, one thing that is unlikely to change is all the Christmas food!

With all this fabulous food around, how can we possibly eat healthily? Part of the solution is moderation: it really is the key to eating healthy. There's nothing wrong with having a few sweet treats or indulgences this Christmas season. The key is to limit the amount you have. Skip seconds. Share dessert with someone. Include many vegetables on your plate and remember to drink lots of water. (2,3).

Canada's Food Guide offers many helpful tips for enjoying food and eating healthy during this holiday season (1):

Choose and offer healthier foods

As much as possible, stick to healthy foods you would normally choose. Try to choose whole grains, have plenty of vegetables and fruits and limit the amount of high-calorie and sugary foods/drinks.

Be mindful

During celebrations or events, there is usually a lot going on. It is easy to get distracted while eating. Remember to take time to eat, find space where you can sit down and focus on what you are eating.  Pay attention to your food choices, notice your feelings of hunger and fullness and make your food choices based on your hunger level.

Enjoy your food

It's important that you enjoy your food. This is especially true during the holidays. Eating foods you like without judgment can help you develop a healthy attitude about food. Instead of feeling like you are missing out when it comes to less healthy food choices, have a smaller portion and take the time to savor it.

Think about your drink

Drinks can add additional calories, sodium, sugars or saturated fat to your meal. This is true for non-alcoholic as well as alcoholic drinks. Carbonated water, plain coffee, and tea can be good options.

Think beyond food to celebrate

Celebrate with an activity: try going for a hike, playing your favorite game or taking part in an outdoor activity like skating or maybe even a snowball fight.

This article was written by Sherry Dyck, a Registered Nurse at the Palliser PCN.