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Caring for Older Adult Parents

As we age, we may find ourselves caring for our aging parents. Many wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Aging in place (living in the residence of their choice, for as long as they are able, as they age) has gained the support of many health care providers for several reasons. Moving is traumatic, and for older adults with memory issues, a move becomes even more confusing. Financially, aging in place makes sense. Even with full supports in place, staying in the home can be less expensive than other living options. For many, the idea of separating from their pets is very stressful.


There are several factors to consider when deciding to have parents age in place. Advance planning is extremely useful. This planning can include things like having the safety in the home assessed. There are many helpful devices, such as walkers, grab bars and poles, to name a few. The latest emergency response systems now have the technology to detect falls and some even have GPS capability.

We cannot discuss aging in place without mentioning Home Care. Home care provides supports such as medication assistance, bathing and dressing assistance, and also perform assessments that include safety in the home and what level of support is required. Home Care makes it easier to help our parents age in place.


Beyond Home Care, there are a few other considerations:


- Special Transit can be utilized for transportation needs.

- Companies exist to assist with chores like snow removal and yard work.

- Medications and groceries can be delivered and Meals on Wheels can provide cooked meals.

- Check with your own church for programs to assist seniors.


Once you start looking, you will soon find that there are many supports available to assist older adults to live safely in their homes.


Not sure where to start? Senior Services can provide you with everything you need to know and can be reached at (403) 529-8368.

Submitted by Aurora Cyganik-Barker, Registered Nurse with Dr. Rinaldi